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Renew, Rebuild, Recharge

Solar and Energy Efficient Solutions for Resilient Future
Estación de energía solar

Climate Change Mitigation Planning

Water & Power for potential affected Areas


Disaster Site Stabilization and Recovery

We provide fast and reliable access to water and power through our innovative use of solar water pumps and microgrids. Our modular design allows for easy deployment and provides a solid foundation for future growth.


Global Coverage

We're equipped to help globally, with a special focus on European wildfires and the Atlantic hurricane season. Our approach prioritizes these areas to deliver impactful support and fast recovery, demonstrating our dedication to both worldwide aid and targeted relief efforts.


Geospatial Tools for Increased Readiness

GIS is essential in building resilience as it allows us to prepare and respond efficiently to disasters, ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of our operations. Additionally, it helps in maintaining a master plan during the stabilization and recovery phase.


Brownfield Sites Evaluation

Our team is dedicated to using our expertise and resources to evaluate brownfields with potential for recovery and restoration. We take pride in utilizing the same tools and talents that we use for stabilization and recovery to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients

Water & Power Services

Essential first seps in stabilizing and reviving disaster-hit and abandoned areas

Solar Water

Quick-deploy solar water pumps ideal for disaster and brownfield recovery, ensuring rapid water access for irrigation, drinking, and animal care to stabilize and rejuvenate areas

Modular Micrgrids

Modular Microgrids: Mobile, containerized batteries and solar panels for fast power recovery. Plug-and-Play with existing grids or diesel plants for rapid area stabilization.

Heat & Power

Utilizing Heat Pumps and CHP solutions offers a sustainable and efficient approach to rehabilitate abandoned buildings, industries and disaster-affected areas while also mitigating the climate change impacts.


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Office US (East Coast & LATAM)
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