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About Us

At 1-MW, we are committed to fighting climate change through renewable energy solutions.

Our expertise lies in Distributed Power Generation and Project Financing, providing water and power solutions to municipalities and private entities.


We focus on revitalizing areas affected by natural disasters and transforming abandoned brownfields, while prioritizing energy efficiency solutions to demonstrate our commitment to environmental restoration and sustainability.


Our firm was founded in 2023 with this mission in mind.

Hurricane Waves

We fight the climate change


Our Evolution

From Diesel Power to Renewable Solutions

Based on our experience in developing distributed power generation solutions in the Caribbean and the East Coast, we understand the importance of flexible and rapid-reacting designs during the Atlantic hurricane season.


Our focus is on re-establishing water and power services to stabilize areas affected by natural disasters. While our past designs relied on continuous diesel power generation, we now incorporate renewable energy solutions and solar water pumps, while still maintaining the reliable diesel gensets for emergency situations.

At our company, we integrate GIS (Geographic Information Systems) into our planning and development projects, along with advanced control of MicroGrids and the flexibility of solar water pumps.


Our highly skilled team also utilizes other IT tools to design software that can recover brownfields or abandoned places, as well as old buildings, offering a better use for these areas with CHP or Heat Pumps.

Company Mission

Our mission is to boost power and water system resiliency in climate change-affected, flood, and wildfire-prone areas with modular microgrids and solar power, ultimately creating resiliency hubs.


Our setup will also recover and enhance power and water services in brownfield reclamation projects.

A Team of Pros

Our People


Fidias R. Marmol

Sustainable Design Consultant

Alejandro Aristides y Nedicson.png

Nedicson Salas

Head Engineer

Alejandro Aristides y Nedicson.png

Aristides Garofalo

Project Manager


Raising the Bar

Project Development

1-MW offers a range of features to help combat climate change. Our solar panels, batteries, and hybrid solutions provide innovative engineering solutions that are designed to be efficient and cost-effective. 1-MW is committed to incorporating renewable sources with traditional power generation to offer a unique approach that benefits the environment and the economy.

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Flexible & Reliable Solutions

Our blueprint is centered around modular microgrids and solar pumps, which enable us to provide water and power as the primary services in areas impacted by natural disasters or abandoned industrial sites. We believe that these solutions can make a significant difference in improving the lives of those affected by such situations.

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Effective GIS and IT Tools guide us

Amidst Climate Challenges: Our Mission is Resilience

At our company, we navigate the complexities of disaster recovery with unwavering commitment. GIS tools serve as our compass, allowing us to map vulnerable regions, assess risks, and visualize optimal placements for microgrids and solar water pumps. But that’s not all—other IT tools amplify our impact. They seamlessly integrate our designs into the landscape, bolstering our support to communities in both the short and long term.

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