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Business Plan

Plan smart: Standard service for strategic growth, funding, and risk insight

  • 1 h 15 min
  • Porto|Caribbean Sea|Brickell Avenue|São Félix da Marinha|Iberia - Spain & Portugal|USA East Coast

Service Description

Our approach involves a detailed evaluation of the first two years, followed by a projection for the subsequent three years. This projection allows us to prepare the following: - Business Analysis - Financial Index and ratios - Necessary Financing. Every Business Plan is unique, tailored to the specific needs of the endeavor—whether it’s growth, hibernation, or transformation. With a simple but robust plan, you will be able to navigate To create something similar, I require the following information: a) Introduction to the Business and your vision. (Typically a Power Point). b) Marketing / Sales Plan. c) Basic Financial Information. Estimated Timeframe: Typically, the development of a business plan takes 2 weeks under the following conditions: Clear Strategy (Vision): When the strategic direction is well-defined and the vision for the business is articulated. Available Marketing Plan: If a comprehensive marketing plan exists, outlining how the business will attract and retain customers. Cost of Product/Service Defined: When the cost structure (including the cost of sales) is clearly described within the financial plan. However, if any of this essential information is not readily available, we may need to allocate additional time to collect the necessary details. Here’s how the process unfolds: Kick-off Meeting: We begin with a kick-off meeting to clarify essential details for the financial analysis. Additionally, I need a presentation outlining the project’s scope and vision. Preliminary Business Plan: I commit 3 to 5 days to prepare an initial business plan. We iterate as necessary until we have a robust foundational plan. Text Refinement: I enhance the plan’s content, aligning it with the Finance Excel Sheet and key performance indicators (KPIs). Presentation: Our final step involves creating a coherent presentation that effectively communicates our vision. The deliverables are: 1. Editable .doc file 2. Financials in PDF format 3. PowerPoint presentation

Contact Details

  • Porto Metropolitan Area, Portugal

    +1 (832) 4974296

  • Caribbean Sea, Venezuela

    +1 (832) 4974296

  • Brickell Ave, Miami, FL, USA

    +1 (832) 4974296

  • São Félix da Marinha, Portugal

    +1 (832) 4974296

  • Iberian Peninsula

    +1 (832) 4974296

  • Florida, USA

    +1 (832) 4974296

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