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Harnessing 40 Years of Expertise to Combat Climate Change

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nce upon a time, there was a glacier over that Mountain. Pico Humboldt in Los Andes. Venezuela. It disappeared completely within a decade.

Climate Change is an unavoidable reality, bringing more challenges. Our company has aligned all our processes to support communities, stakeholders and other companies and corporations in increasing resilience.

We propose the extensive use of microgrids and solar pumps as viable solutions with high impact to mitigate the consequences.

Pico Humboldt in the Venezuelan Andes is home to the country's last glacier, but not for long. PHOTOGRAPH BY JORGE SILVA, REUTERS

At 1 Megawatt, we are a group of experienced professionals deeply concerned about the devastating effects of climate change. With 40 years of experience in project management and power generation projects, we are dedicating our efforts to creating flexible and resilient solutions designed to mitigate the impact of natural disasters.


Our initial focus will be on implementing modular microgrids and solar water pumps in areas affected by natural disasters. These technologies will play a crucial role in stabilizing and recovering communities by providing essential power and water services.


Among many other things, we specialize in creating resiliency hubs in partnership with local authorities based on our detailed planning and risk assessments.


The experts have highlighted seven alarming indicators of climate change:

- Concentration of gas emissions

- Global heat temperature

- Ocean heat content

- Sea level rise

- Ocean acidification

- Sea ice extent

- Glacier mass balance


While no single entity can combat these challenges alone, we believe in harnessing our collective knowledge and expertise to address the consequences of climate change. By deploying our modular microgrids and solar water pumps, we can make a tangible difference in disaster-stricken areas, such as Europe, grappling with devastating wildfires, and the Caribbean, frequently battered by hurricanes.


Join us in our mission to mitigate climate change's impact and help communities recover and thrive. Together, we can build a more resilient future.

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